Crocus Expo


Anniversary concert tour
We created a set design for anniversary concerts in Saint Petersburg & Moscow. This project became a journey into the retrospective of musicians’ creativity.
The concept can be called “The Temple of Light”, it is the search for the lost beauty and rediscovered truth. The central image of the design set was Psyche, the goddess of the soul.
The early period of Butusov's and Nautilus's work is characterized by experiments with various musical styles and the exploration of deep philosophical and social themes. This period left a significant mark in the history of Russian rock, standing out for its originality, the poetry of the lyrics, and its distinctive sound. We tried to convey the mood and spirit of that time with the help of concepts and scenography
Stage desing
The set design multi-layered object the head of Psyche of Capua appears a central visual element used for projection mapping. Design serves multiple functions: it's visually captivating, can be used interactively with performers, and allows for dynamic lighting and video content that change throughout a performance.

Such a set design allowed us a high degree of flexibility in storytelling, as the projections can shift the mood, setting, or even the narrative arc without physical set changes. It's a sophisticated approach that merges technology with traditional set design, offering audiences an immersive experience.
Creative Directors: Daniil Kutuzov & Alexander Us
Set Design: Daniil Kutuzov

Art Director: Elizaveta Romanova
Producer: Kira Pogudaeva
Executive Producers
Alexey Rozov / Alexander Us / Anastasia Filatova

Agency: Sila Sveta