Lamborghini Urus

Launch event
Sila Sveta in partnership with Departáment agency presented a unique mix of multimedia technologies for the main show, including projection on kinetic surfaces suspended on winches. The creative visual content of the show was seamlessly connected with the technical part reflecting the approach of Lamborghini engineers to the creation of Urus.

Taking the best from the DNA of the brand: the speed of Miura, the design of Countach, cross-country ability of LM002, Lamborghini masters created something radical – the world's first Super SUV Lamborghini Urus. As a result, we delivered something radically new, a show everyone watched with eyes wide open.
During the show, each of the elements from the array of LED triangles independently moved in space forming polygonal three-dimensional figures for projection mapping. The technological concept of the show was fully developed and implemented by Sila Sveta experts. The show was controlled with the Disguise 4x4pro and TouchDesigner multimedia servers running specially developed software.
The perspective and the viewing angle were taken into account when creating video content so that all the involved surfaces – kinetic arrays, rows of concrete columns and a screen on the background – formed a striking conjoint picture for the viewer.
Show and Art Director: Daniil Kutuzov
Creative Director: Alexander Us
Producer: Nikolay Nebolsin
Photography: Andrey Buzin

Agency: Sila Sveta