Crewe, United kingdom

Bentley EXP 100 GT

Launch event
Bentley wanted to celebrate its 100th birthday by reflecting on a century of luxury excellence and looking ahead to the future. So we created a multisensory installation that let people preview the EXP 100 GT, the inspirational concept car that represents Bentley's futuristic vision of driving.
The execution
We built "The Future of Extraordinary Journeys," an installation in Bentley's flagship Crewe showroom that let people preview the concept car's exciting and innovative features, including electrification and autonomous driving.
Set design
With the concept car as the central element, space is divided into three areas each communicating the unique features of the EXP 100 GT.
Grand touring reimagined
Sustainable innovation
Beyond mobility, Light as the Material
15000 meters of white and golden kevlar strings arranged in 8 individual arrays
Reveal Area
The results
After experiencing the EXP 100 GT, not only did people get a better understanding of Bentley's 2035 concept car, but they also formed a deep emotional connection to the brand. In the end, we helped Bentley hint at what the future of driving could be like and usher in a new era of excellence, honouring the hard work of the last 100 years while looking ahead to the next 100.
Conception Creative Director: Romain Demongeot
Creative Director: Stephan Bischov
Set Designer: Daniil Kutuzov
Show director: Denis Astakhov
Executive producer: Martino Butti, Ben Fender
Photography: Andrey Buzin, Robbie Sloan

Agency: Unit 9