Multimedia performance


Performance "8" is a complete story told on multiple layers with dance, music, video-projection and scenography. Even case study video became a standalone work, shot with a long take during rehearsals. The stage was designed to evolve and transform during the performance.

We wanted to wrap the laser tech into a simple, relatable, human story, and this led us to a story of two people and their relationship — told through music and scenography. The resulting multimedia performance put the characters in the limelight, while letting the technology to act merely as a backdrop — and not the other way around.
Set design
Modular set in combination with BlackTrax tracking technology allowed us to change scenography in a matter of seconds and make it a feature of the performance.
Art Director and Set Designer: Daniil Kutuzov
Producer: Denis Astakhov
Director & Choreographer Aleksey Karpenko
Photography: Andrey Buzin

Agency: DreamLaser